Jump, Little Children - Album Sessions

Date Project Location
1992-1994 Jump, Little Children demos Atlanta, GA / Boston, MA / North Carolina
Summer 1994 Licorice Tea Demos studio sessions Nashville, TN / Charleston, SC / Summerville, SC
Summer 1996 Buzz E.P. Charleston, SC / Athens, GA / Winston-Salem, NC
September 1997 Polygram Sessions Keith Bradshaw's Recording Studio - Charleston, SC
May 1998 Magazine Sessions Ardent Studios - Nashville, TN
October 1998 You're All I Want for Christmas Overdub Lane - Durham, NC
Fall 2000 Vertigo Sessions Los Angeles, CA
January 2004 Between the Dim and the Dark Sessions Tree Studios - Atlanta, GA
March 2005 Between the Glow and the Light Sessions Atlanta, GA / Charleston, SC

Album Sessions chronicles all the times the band recorded with a specific release in mind.  I put Jump, Little Children and Licorice Tea Demos in with this section because the band did intend for these tracks to be released.  You can read more about the recording of Licorice Tea Demos in the Demo Sessions section.