Jump, Little Children


  • Limited run of 500 cassette copies.
  • Sold at early shows for ten dollars a piece.
  • This tape is also known as the "Original Demo."
  • The songs were recorded in various places (mainly live).
  • Around 1995, the band requested fans to cease circulation of this tape.
  • Learn more about the recording of the demo here.
Evan  Bivins (Hammered Dulcimer, Congas, Drumkit, Bodhran, Spoons, Vocals)
Matthew Bivins  (Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Melodica, Vocals/raps)
Jay Clifford (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Tim Connell (Tin Whistle, Bass Guitar, Jawharp, Mandolin, Vocals)

Additional Musicians: Christopher Pollen, Jonathan Gurey (Gray), Michael Bellar, Drew, J.J., Ward (Williams), Ashley, & Caroline.

Some of these songs are cover songs (Banish Misfortune, Pallet on the Floor, Johnny Jump Up, Copper Kettle, Trip to Aulander (traditional, arranged by J,LC). The others are early Jay Clifford compositions (some written especially for the Charles Waters folk oratorio).

Michael Horowitz recorded and produced Ocean Grace and Mountains So Grand

Copyright © 1993 Jump, Little Children

Scans courtesy of Douglas Thompson

TRACK LISTING (click song for details)
1. Ocean Grace
2. Mountains So Grand
3. Banish Misfortune
4. Pallet on the Floor
5. Forget My Loss
6. Johnny Jump Up
7. Sean O'Flaherty's Accordion
8. Copper Kettle
 9. Trip to Aulander
10. Lockshire Sound


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