Lockshire Sound

Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: 4-track recording
Releases: Jump, Little Children
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: unknown
Song Information: Part of the Charles Waters Folk Oratorio.
Lyrical Transcription: Official lyrics from the Charles Waters program (courtesy of Olivia)

I am a young sailor who travels the sea 
My fever for horizons would not let me be 
So I cast of the shore like a load off a steed 
A circle of water is all that I need 

Oh dance all ye, dance all ye water and foam 
My bow is a stage for your magic to roam 
And run all ye, run all ye thunder and rain 
My sails hold the scars but do not hold the pain 

I tighten my ropes to the wind that has blowed 
Giving the rudder the strength that is owed 
And I travel northeast to the land I was born 
Hoping I will not receive her forlorn 

I courted a maiden not one year it's been 
She wants to be married her dowry to spend 
A family of boys and a girl she would say 
Would satisfy hungers that youth has delayed 

"But the mist of the harbour is solid as stone 
If you don't return from your journeys alone 
I'll spend every evening on lockshire sound 
Gazing for sails that are now homeward bound" 

I fear that my absence is longer than said 
Almost a year since I've slept in my bed 
As I'm approaching lockshire sound 
I hope that my maiden soon will be found 

Oh excuse me young lady do you know of she 
For I was away riding waves of the sea 
"Yes I do know of the lady you speak 
I attended her wedding with flowers last week" 

Oh save your tongue lady you can not be true 
For I have returned as I said I would do 
But time does erode some firmness of soil 
A sapling will grow, if not it will toil 

Her hunger for marriage a family indeed 
Was true to her word, was true to her need 
But I was just written in sand for the say 
Let lockshiresound wash it away