Mountains So Grand

Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: 4-track recording / unknown band demo session
Releases: Jump, Little Children / Compilations / Live at the Dock Street Theatre
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: unknown
Song Information: A studio version and a live version of this song were made available on for custom mix compilations.
Lyrical Transcription: - transcribed from Jump, Little Children release

I have risen in the darkened valley
The one who in my dreams
Of twilight did stand
And I am off by the moonlight
The break of the morning
I am leaving the mountains
The mountains so grand

I strayed to a place far from my home
In search of a lover that I might adore
And my heart it was aching
For the forest so gentle
But my longing for love was with me even more

And many the comings I passed my eye over
And many the moment I emptied the well
Of beauty returned
They sit with their smiles
And eyes filled with laughter
But sure in the end
With myself waiting still
But when I returned to the forest I found you in
In valleys overshadowed
By mountains so grand

And I pray that god's angels
Ever protect you
After their own sanctitude
And I pray to keep safe
Your little white heart
And now I'm stationed
Where the waterways are braking
Far from the forest
A love and to side
And when I return
It's to leave me to my dear one
In my lands in the mountain
The mountains so grand