The Early Years, Volume I

  • Released in June 2001
  • Serial number: EZchief Records EC0019
  • This album is a compilation of Licorice Tea Demos, and Buzz.
  • Just a Second was recorded during the LTD sessions
  • 15 Stories was originally released on a Local Rock Showcase compilation
  • Ocean Grace is a live recording from the first Dock Street show.
  • Learn more about disc one (Licorice Tea Demos) here.
  • Learn more about disc two (Buzz) here.


TRACK LISTING (click song for details)
Disc One
1. Someone's in the Kitchen
 2. Smiling Down
3. Matchbox Whistler
 4. Dark and Lonely Man
5. Quiet
6. Because of You
7. Dancing Virginia
8. My Heart is on the Ocean
9. U Can Look
10. Lamplight
11. Opium ("Oil and Water Don't" Mix)
hidden track
Disc Two
1. I Can Feel You
 2. Easter Parade
3. Bad Side
4. Innocent Kiss
5. Underground Elite
6. Opium (Super Sexy Mix)
7. Just a Second
8. 15 Stories
9. Ocean Grace



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