Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: Vertigo Sessions
Releases: promo single / Vertigo / Live at the Music Farm
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: Fall 2000
Song Information: This song was inspired by and composed in a Marriott Hotel in Atlanta.
Lyrical Transcription: Official lyrics from Vertigo liner notes

Leaning from the balcony
As if without a care
Wondering should I take the fall
Or should I take the stairs
Have I already fallen over
And now spinning in the air
I don't know
Cause I'm in this vertigo

Leaning from a precipice 
That only love would dare
Spinning from a gravity
That only love could bear

Were I to tumble from this cloudy high
How would I fare?
Take it slow
I'm in this vertigo

Take me down
Down to where the rain falls
Down where the rain can wash away this high
I feel I'm gone
Beyond the edge and falling
Falling like tears that turn to snow
Falling in this vertigo

Leaning from the balcony 
Above the interstate
Will I come around too soon
Or will it be too late?
Surely there is only one direction I could go at this rate
Down below
I'm in this vertigo

If I had my way I would stay up here forever and never look down
But surely it will come cause I've always had that feeling of rushing the ground