Taster's Choice

Composer: Matthew Bivins


Studio Recordings: unknown
Releases: unreleased
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: May 1999
Song Information: This song was admittedly not Matt's best work.  This song was in set list rotation for about a year before it was retired.  I have no idea whether or not the following lyrics are correct, since the only recordings in circulation are audience concert recordings.
Lyrical Interpretation: Taken from a post to Opium, summer 1999

Bought a CD thatís crappy
With a single thatís sappy
But baby, itís crazy
It reminds me of you
And the song isnít long
But itís wrong to belong 
To the group that believes
That Pop Songs arenít cool.
I first heard it in transit
From Philly to Paris 
And they played it on TV 
A million times a day there
And at first
It was a curse 
It got worse 
And it hurt 
And I knew I would burst
It was driving me insane

But I woke up this morning
With the chorus in my head
And I ache for the body 
That isnít in my bed
Itís silly I know
For this song that is so
Fucking stupid
I lose it 
Itís true
But try as I might
I canít fight it
I like it
Ďcause it makes me think about you

itís the same 
shuck and jive
come alive 
and the beat 
makes me think 
of an old country tune
and the singer
has lingered 
for years
and his peers
have passed him 
theyíve outlast him
heís a living cartoon
but heís singing to me
and thatís all that he needs
one more sap thatís in love
that will buy his little song
and it works! 
I just perk

Jump and jerk 
Tell the clerk
I need more from the store
I donít knowÖ is this wrong?

Iím a junkie
A flunky
For this shit
I need it
Itís the stuff
That will always 
Bring you close to me
And I love you 
And miss you
And just want 
To kiss you
Like the song says
Iím hopeless 
A mess, canít you see?

Every listen
Tears glisten 
I canít speak
Iím so weak 
Itís pathetic
I donít get it 
What the hell can I do?