Smiling Down

Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: 8-track recording (Dorn Residence) / Licorice Tea Sessions
Releases: Licorice Tea Demos / The Early Years Vol. I
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: unknown
Song Information: This song was originally recorded with Henry Dorn, and featured a slower tempo.  While Henry was happy with the sound of the original recording, the band decided a faster tempo suited the song better, and they've played it that way ever since.
Lyrical Transcription: Official lyrics from Licorice Tea Demos liner notes

Saturday night I was making my way
Making my way back home
Walking on the broken bottles
Swinging from the streetlights
Swinging home

Walking along with a spring in my bended knee
Walking on a leather side walk
Feeling like a cowboy
Riding on

And the moon...
And the moon...
And the smiling down

A tip of the hat and a square of the chin
To the corner milky whites
Waiting on a city streetlight
Grazing on the asphalt
Hanging out

A burning machine like a red hot iron wagon wheel
A wild horse in the city traffic
Screaming out "CAR CRASH"
In my ear

Broken glass from the tin can candy
The tin can candy red
Blue smoke and a cold sweat shower
Screaming out "SILENCE"
In the crowd

Nobody moves because nobody can
Stand back on the city corner
Everybody's wondering if they're dead
A hollering whoop from a redhead ambulance
Take off like a magic carpet
Rub the red lantern
And make a wish