Composer: Evan Bivins


Studio Recordings: tracked demo
Releases: Compilations
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: Fall 1996
Song Information: This song became a BIV song (Evan's side project).
Lyrical Transcription: Offical lyrics, taken from in the fall of 1997

Iím feeling madness
Like an unwanted guest in my home
Youíre cramping my style
And all the while
You said that youíd leave me alone
You dropped your sadness
With a clatter and clang on my floor
Youíre raising the dead 
With the tears that youíve shed
And you always come asking for more

Oh, I can look after you
Like I always do.

Iíll build a fortress
Like the old fashioned fairy tale kind
With high tower walls
To make you feel small
And to keep all my madness inside

Under my mattress
I keep boxes of beautiful dreams
And late at night
When no oneís in sight 
They come out and whisper to me

Oh, I can look after you
Like I always do