Leave Behind it All

Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: 4-track recording
Releases: unreleased
First Performance: unknown
Song Information: Part of the Charles Waters Folk Oratorio.
Lyrical Interpretation: Official lyrics from the Charles Waters program (courtesy of Olivia)

Dear lady Suzan close your waking eyes
We have got to get some sleep
For the dew is on my shoulder
And my dreams are now knee deep
The sun will rise bringing down the season for the day
But you've closed your eyes and the night will be on it's way

There's a long road out in front of me
I've been traveling it all day
And these mountains cradle humanity
And there rocking my youth away
And the moon grows full like it's eating up the sky

Her eyes her quiet and her body is still
My mind is scratching with a moment to kill
And the day will rise and the night will fall
And I leave behind it all

The summer has turned cold
Mothers baby has turned old
Counting the days, counting the miles,
Counting my memories
The summer has turned cold

There's a letter in my pocket
There's a parting in my mind
And the words are carefully chosen
And equally hard to find
The earth spins round like a child who loves the game
But she's thirsty not so come in get out of the rain