Hold Your Tongue

Composer: Jay Clifford


Studio Recordings: unknown band demo session / Vertigo Sessions
Releases: Vertigo / EZChiefrecords.com Compilations (demo)
Tablature: Tablature Archive
First Performance: January 14th, 1999 : Covered Dish - Gainesville, FL
Lyrical Transcription: Official lyrics from Vertigo liner notes

Hold your tongue and walk away
Say its been a lovely day
Say tomorrow evening's fine
Meet me at Saint John's Devine
Until discordant bells have rung
Hold, hold your tongue

Hold your tongue and walk away
Say its been a heavenly day
Angels sing a lullaby
Hush now, don't you start to cry
Gilded wing and silver lung
Hold, hold your tongue

I'll say what I want to say
And when I want it said
But tonight's not coming down on me

Hold your tongue until you're gone
All your words are come undone
Say goodnight and walk away
Silent bells begin to sway
Chiming melodies unsung
Hold, hold your tongue