"Hidden Track"

Composer: Jump, Little Children


Studio Recordings: 8-track recording (Dorn Residence)
Releases: Licorice Tea Demos / The Early Years Vol. I
Only Performance: January 24th, 1997 : Rockafella's - Columbia, SC
Song Information: Recorded around Henry Dorn's kitchen table using binaural microphones.  This was an unscripted conversation, and was added to the very end (2 mintues after Opium) as a joke.  It was actually performed live once, with a fan providing computer printed scripts.
Lyrical Transcription: Taken from Judith Ivory's Message From Morpheus (note: this has not been proof-read).

Matt: Jump, Little Children, you always know when members of Jump, Little Children are upset, when they go for a walk. I'm not ragging on it, I just think it's very cool. You always know, when something is going down, when somebody says "I'm going for a walk."
Evan: But I even told you, I was like "I'm sad..."
Jay: What would it mean if we all went for a walk together?
Johnny: We'd all go to the river and just keep right on walking...
Evan: Go out into the woods?
Matt: We did! We kicked him out of the band...
Jay: Oh that's right... (laughs)
Johnny: Take a long walk... north of here...
Jay: We did, like we know when we all go on a walk together, we know that one of us is going to leave. (laughter) Man... we better make sure that never happens...
Ward: I'm not, I'm not always upset when I go for a walk, but sometimes.... usually when I go for a walk it's not just... because I can be sad and just sit around and be sad... when I go for a walk it's when my mind's really just going...
Matt: Your mind's on your money and your money's on your mind?
Ward: ... and I really just need to...
Jay: I go when my mind's on my honey and my honey's on my mind.
Ward: .... can't think. When I need to be by myself.
Matt: Yeah!
Johnny: Sometimes I go for a walk, and then it makes me upset. But I could have just been sleepy...
Ward: I used to walk the dog. Hey boy! Speak!
Someone with voice disguised: Me could be back in cave, but me walking, it's not good!
Jay: Sometimes I just walk on the wild side. Sometimes I walk all over...
Matt: Not if you stay on the sunny side of the street.
Jay: ...your feelings.
Matt: Sometimes I walk this way.
Jay: Sometimes I walk the walk, and I talk the talk.
Matt: Sometimes I put on my walking boots and walk all over you.
Ward: Sometimes I wok choy.
Johnny: These boots were made for walking.
Matt: That's right.
Jay: Sometimes I walk down to the store and get some chocolate and play some video games.
Matt: Mmmm...
Johnny: Videogames is what I need.
Jay: I know, Matt and I were saying... videogames... Matt said we need to get some chocolate or play some videogames, and I said "what's this 'or' crap? We need to do them both."
Ward: I need some chocolate. I really want some chocolate.
Jay: Chocolate and videogames.
Johnny: What video game is it?
Jay: I don't know, Dorianes is probably still open.
Matt: Mm, is it eleven already? Yeah, it's probably closed.
Jay: Do they? I thought they closed at two now, all the time.
Matt: Really?
Ward: Where is this?
Jay: Dorianes.
Matt: Is that true?
Jay: I... I don't know, I kinda thought that.
Matt: Well, we'll check it out.
Johnny: I want a good violent video game.
Jay: Right.
Ward: So what is the question?
Matt: I don't know, the question...
Johnny: The question was, what are we...
Jay: Do you have the blues?
Johnny: Da blues.
Ward: I got da blues.
Matt: That's either a yes or no, we need to have something with a...
Jay: What are we going to be when we grow up, Evan would like that.
Evan: Yeah! I wanna have a warehouse full of Grammys.
Jay: I wanna be... when I grow up.
Ward: Our grandmothers.
Matt: What do you wanna be when you grow up, Johnny?
Johnny: I still wanna be a kid.
Matt: Awww.
Ward: Geek!
Matt: What about you, Ward Williams?
Ward: I'm already grown up.
All: Ooooh...
Matt and Jay: So what are you?
Johnny: What are you anyways?
Ward: I am what I am.
Matt: Oh... funny. Is it too much to ask for me to be an axe murderer when I grow up?
Jay: I don't think you're far from that.
Matt: Ohhh...
Ward: I love, oh my god, I love those pictures of you last night. Doing that smiley face... it's like a skewed, smiley face. The Ethel Merman Institute...
Matt: Ethel Merman? What?
Ward: ... for the Criminally Insane.
Evan: Criminally insane?
Johnny: How did Ethel Merman fit?
Evan: Listen!
(random singing, probably Ward and Evan)
Matt: Brill.. now that's brilliant!
Ward: Now that's the tea kettle.
Jay: Let's get some tea...