Dock Street II: December 29th & 30th, 1997

History and Notes:

Matthew's Memories

     I don't remember the first set list to the Dock Street Shows in '97, either, but I do remember it was the first year we had guests, this time Amanda played more Irish music with us, along with our friends Hazel Ketchum and John Holenko, local Charleston folkies. It was also obviously the first time we had a string quartet backing us, because we played much of Jay's 'Charles Waters' folk oratorio. We culled the members (besides Amanda) from the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.

     I start getting artsy this year, with my friend Greg Tavares, in a very strange, almost musical theater rendition of 'Opium,' that involved us running around the height of the building and delivering lines in a post-modernist manner.

     I remember being VERY DEPRESSED about having to do a show the next day in Florence, SC, and after that date in Florence we vowed to never do another New Year's Eve show again, a vow we've
managed to keep ever since.

-Matthew Bivins

December 30th Set List:

Dancing Virginia

Innocent Kiss


Underground Elite

Sean O'Flaherty's Accordion

Dark and Lonely Man

Seven Days

Read Me a Story

Johnny Jump Up

Do You Love an Apple?

Where She Lies

Body Parts



I Never Knew

Not Today

Pink Lemonade

Because of You


Easter Parade


All Those Days Are Gone

Violent Dreams

The Sun (from Charles Waters)

Say Goodnight

Jump, Little Children