Dock Street I: December 30th, 1996

History and Notes:

Matthew's Memories

     This was the first, before these shows were known as the 'Dock Street Shows.' We were just looking for a theater that we could play, completely acoustically, like we had loved to do in the days of busking. We tried two or three others, before we worked a deal with the historic Dock Street. So, we could be talking about the 'Queen Street Theatre' Shows, or the 'Sotille Theatre' Shows, but no.  Our pals in the Blue Dogs had played Dock Street, and they gave a good word for us.

     It was a simple show, and everyone complained of not being able to hear, because we used no amplification whatsoever. I remember being nervous about some of the songs we hadn't been playing, namely the Irish music, because I had 'sworn off of it' for nearly two years. But we had so much fun we started talking, even then, of making it a tradition. Who knew?

- Matthew Bivins

Set List:

15 Stories

Because of You

Innocent Kiss

Mountains So Grand

Ocean Grace

Ticket Home

Underground Elite

Read Me A Story

John Reilly

Pink Lemonade


Dancing Virginia

Julie-O (Ward Williams)

#6 (Jonathan Gray)

Hercules Rantz (Evan Bivins, Matthew Bivins, and Jay Clifford)

E, A, B Minor (Evan Bivins, Matthew Bivins, and Jay Clifford)

Jeremy's Chickens (Evan Bivins, Matthew Bivins, and Jay Clifford)

Holy City (Jay Clifford)

Easter Parade

Matchbox Whistler

All Those Days Are Gone

Body Parts



Jump, Little Children