• Released on September 25th, 2001.
  • Originally intended on May 8th, 2001 as Breaking Records/Atlantic's follow up to Magazine, Atlantic dumped the Breaking Records label and didn't release the album.
  • EZ Chief Records first release (distributed by Red Eye).
  • Learn more about the recording of this album here.

Evan Bivins
Matthew Bivins
Jay Clifford
Jonathon Gray

Ward Williams

All songs by Jay Clifford except track 9 by Evan Bivins, track 13 by Matthew Bivins,  and track 10 by J. Clifford/E. Bivins

Copyright © 2001 EZ Chief Records

TRACK LISTING (click song for details)
1. Vertigo
 2. Angeldust (Please Come Down)
3. Too High
 4. Hold Your Tongue
5. Lover's Greed
6. Yearling
7. Mother's Eyes
8. Come Around
9. Words of Wisdom
10. The House Our Father Knew
11. Made It Fine
12. Overkill
13. Singer
14. Pigeon


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